Who We Are

Seal Cal Coating & Paving is a Licensed San Diego based small business that aims to meet all of your asphalt and concrete surfacing needs. We pride ourselves in complete customer satisfaction while protecting your asphalt and concrete investments. Seal Cal Coating & Paving strives to bring you the ultimate solutions to protect your investments. We offer some of the highest quality services and competitive pricing. We believe it is unfair for you to pay the expensive rates other companies charge for repairs, maintenance, and improvements on your asphalt and concrete surfaces.

Asphalt Services

Seal Cal Coating & Paving provides a variety of asphalt preventative maintenance services to improve the appearance and longevity of your asphalt driveway or parking lot. Seal Cal Coating & Paving offers an an onsite evaluation and personal meeting with each customer to discuss all pertaining mantinance options.  Seal Cal Coating & Paving offers the highest quality products to ensure the customers satisfaction.

we scope out our projects to give you longevity, not just buy time

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